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Singapore Vacation City Guide

Singapore Vacation City Guide: Planning a trip to Singapore? Here is all you need to know about this Asian Destination! Watch this travel video for tips on what to expect when staying in Singapore. Singpore is a beautiful and clean city to visit. Beyond the sightseeing there is a rich blend of cultures, giving Singapore

How To Not Lose Your Luggage

How To Not Lose Your Luggage: One of the worst vacation disasters can be dealing with lost luggage. Each year thousands of travelers lose their luggage and it is the worst way to start a trip! Lost luggage is a major issue for travelers, especially overseas and on trips that have multiple plane transfers. Most

Best Spring Break Destinations

Best Spring Break Destinations: The first day of Spring is here, which happens to be March 20, 2014. Springtime usually means warmer weather, a new wardrobe and hopefully, an escape somewhere fun for Spring Break. Most people pick a sunny place to jaunt off to after cold, stormy winter weather, especially in you live on

What To Wear To A Vegas NightClub

What To Wear To A Vegas NightClub: Taking a trip to Sin City? Here are some glamour gal fashion ideas for packing a trip to Las Vegas. Remember, Vegas is all about sparkle and over the top opulence! This is the one city in the world that you can wear that mini dress you love

What To Do In Los Angeles

What To Do In Los Angeles: The heart of California is definitely LA! Here is what to expect when you visit Los Angeles. It is important to know that LA is massive and spread out! It includes Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Downtown, Venice Beach, Santa Monica and many more tourist hot spots! Thanks to How

What To Do In Munich

What To Do In Munich: Here are some travel activities to do while visiting Munich, Germany from Kelley Ferro. Munich is home of Oktoberfest beer, BMW Cars and Dirndls. Oktoberbest is huge in Germany, and the center of all the action is in Munich. There are massive tents filled with gorgeous Barmaids, drunk tourists and

How To Vacation Like A Celebrity

How To Vacation Like A Celebrity: Kardashians do one thing very well, vacation as a family! This Klan basically gets paid to take extravagant vacations for their reality show finales each year… wouldn’t that be nice? Well you don’t have to have the bank account of a celebrity to vacation like one. Here are the

Best Egypt Vacation Pictures

Best Egypt Vacation Pictures: These are some of the most picturesque places to see while traveling to Egypt! Look at vacation photos of Egypt’s most amazing sights! Thanks to Amazing Places on Our Planet for sharing this video! Cairo Tours include a trip to visit Ancient Pyramids on the famous¬†Giza Plateau. There you can also

Best Travel Beauty Products

Best Travel Beauty Products: Want to arrive in style and look gorgeous during your next vacation? Don’t let long flights, dry seasonal air, and travel stress wreck your skin, instead come prepared! Here are the best travel essentials you need to pack to stay beautiful and refreshed on vacation! BB Cream, makeup wipes, lip balm,

Australia Travel Guide Gold Coast

Australia Travel Guide Gold Coast:   CLICK HERE to see the Best Beaches In The World! What to expect when you take a vacation down-under to Australia‚Ķ Including top sight-seeing places in Gold Coast! Have you thought about visiting the Gold Coast beaches of Australia? Watch this video to learn more about this gorgeous destination: