What To Wear In Paris

What To Wear In Paris:

The weather in Paris is pretty cold in the winter months, average temperature is between 30-40 degrees in January. The summer months are warmer, for a complete month by month weather averages for Paris, France CLICK HERE!

Parisian Style Tips: The scarf is one of the French’s most loved fashion accessory! Watch this video for some tips on how to tie a scarf:

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Paris is one of the fashion worlds highly regraded mecca for style and sophistication. It simply would not be right to wear sweatpants or tacky clothes on the most fashionable streets in Europe! Since Paris is a walking city, we recommend shoes that are stylish and also comfortable to walk long distances in. Here are some Style Tips for ‘What To Wear In Paris’:

What To Wear In Paris

Wallis black dress

Burberry trench coat

Valentino black sunglasses

Hermès navy shawl

Chanel flat

Michael Kors black purse

Lip gloss


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