French Food in Paris France

French Food in Paris France:

French food in paris

Paris is the capital of fine food, watch this travel video from Lonely Planet to learn more about french food. There are endless places to eat in Paris from quaint cafes to luxurious restaurants. French food is decedent and tops the list of places to eat for a true foodie at heart. Here is what to expect in Paris, France:

Cute french cafes line the streets in Paris. Take a seat, have an espresso and people watch during your stay in France.

French food in paris cafe


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French Baguettes are classic french food. When traveling in Paris, be sure to try a fresh baguette or croissant with breakfast. Here is what a day in a Parisian Market would be like:

French Macarons, Escargot, and wine with cheese are some opulent french treats you may want to sample during your visit to Paris. French food is flamboyant and gourmet. France offers over 500 varieties of cheese, so be sure to try as many different types as you can!

Croissant Breakfast Wine-and-Cheese_Tasting_Class-433x325 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA french macarons


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