What To Expect In Japan

What To Expect In Japan:

When traveling to Asian countries like Japan, from the US for the first time, you may want learn as much as you can about this destination before you take off. Japan is one of the most intriguing, exciting, and culturally rich countries in Asian to visit. Springtime is the best time to travel to Japan, and it is does have 4 distinct seasons, so be sure to check the local weather before you pack.

Here are some simple Japanese phrases:

English 日本語 (Japanese)
Welcome ようこそ (yōkoso)
Hello 今日は (konnichiwa)
おっす (ossu) – used between close male friends
もしもし (moshi moshi) – on phone
How are you?I’m fine, thanks. And you? お元気ですか? (o genki desu ka)
はい、元気です。あなたは? (hai, genki desu. anata wa?)
お蔭様で元気です (o kagesama de genki desu)
Long time no see 久しぶり (hisashiburi)
お久しぶりですね (o hisashiburi desu ne)
What’s your name?My name is … お名前はなんですか? (o-namae wa nan desu ka)
… だ (… da) (inf)
…です (… desu) (frm)
Where are you from?I’m from … 出身はどこですか? (Shusshin wa doko desu ka?)
どちらからですか (Dochira kara desu ka?) – frm
(私は)~出身です ((watashi wa) … shusshin desu)
Pleased to meet you 初めまして (hajimemashite)
(hajimemashite. dōzo yoroshiku) reply
お会いできて嬉しいです (oaidekite ureshii desu)
Good morning お早うございます / おはようございます (ohayō gozaimasu)
お早う / おはよう (ohayō)
Good afternoon 今日は / こんにちは (konnichiwa)
Good evening 今晩は / こんばんは (konbanwa)
Good night おやすみなさい (oyasumi nasai)
おやすみ (oyasumi)
Goodbye さようなら (sayōnara)
いって来ます (ittekimasu)
– ‘I’ll be back’ – you are leaving
いってらっしゃい (itterasshai)
– ‘come back soon’ – you are staying
じゃあまたね (jā mata ne) – see you later

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Best Time to travel to Japan Mt Fuji

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The city of Tokyo is on Honshu, one of the main islands that comprise Japan. If this is your first time visiting Tokyo, you will be impressed by the sheer number of people in the city! Space is limited and the bustling city is vibrant and packed compared to some US cities. Notice that the hotels in Tokyo are much smaller than hotels in other Asian countries, because Tokyo is so densely populated.

Tokyo is a futuristic and technologically advanced city. There are many cool electronic gadgets, and several vending machines for quick and efficient commerce. A modern city, Tokyo is also a financial hub. Being punctual is a must in Tokyo!

What to expect in Japan travel


In Japanese Culture, a smile can have different meanings than in Western Cultures.

A smile in Japan can have several meanings. Besides expressing happiness, people may smile when they do not understand, feel embarrassed, or disagree. 

It is important to learn about Japanese customs and social norms before you travel to Tokyo or any other major Asian city. To learn more about Japanese culture, including music, clothing, and food, CLICK HERE!

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