Travel Tips For Long Flights

Travel Tips For Long Flights:

Some dream vacations can take you half-way around the world, but what do you do when a 15 hour flight stands in between you and your destination? Long flights are just one of traveling few annoyances, but the good news is that there are ways to combat all the worst parts of it, so you can arrive to your vacation place ready to go. Click on the picture below to see Fodor’s Ultimate Plane Survival kit:


With a little planning, and a carry-on full of travel necessities, you can be a happy flyer, even during a long flight! Watch this video, How To Survive Long Flights, it is full of travel tips from Sonia Gil. She is a travel expert who shares several travel vlogs on her youtube channel, Sonia Travels. Subscribe today if you love to travel, her tips are very useful!

Here are a few Travel Tips to know before you board a long flight:

  1. Be sure to charge all electronics the night before, and pack an external charger if your laptop, iPad, or iPod might run out of juice.
  2. Set your watch to the local time of your destination as soon as your get settled on the plane, if it is daytime there, stay awake. If the local time in your vacation city is nighttime, you must sleep. This will your body get used to time zone changes, reduce jet leg, and allow you to get the most out of your time during your exotic, far away vacation trip.
  3. Use sleeping aids if you plan on sleeping during the flight. If you don’t normally use sleep medicine, either natural or prescription, it is recommended that you try them out at home well before your flight. Some people respond differently to sleeping aids than others, and a long distance flight may not be the place to experiment.
  4. A great over the counter sleep aid is melatonin, it is strong enough to help most people fall asleep, with few side effects. But of course, read the packaging carefully, and ask your doctor before you take any new supplement or medicine.
  5. To stay awake during a long flight, be sure to bring enough entertainment for you and your travel partner. Books, magazines, movies, crossword puzzles… anything that it takes to stay happy while flying will help the time pass by much faster. Download books if you have kindle, download movies to a an iPad or laptop, bring a cozy blanket and enjoy. Now is the time to also study up on the language of the place you are visiting. Brushing up on a foreign language will prepare you even more for your trip.
  6. Be sure to pack some face wipes, makeup, hair brush, hair ties, and lipgloss so that you can arrive at your dream vacation destination looking refreshed and gorgeous!
  7. On Flight Survival Tip: Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and take vitamins to keep your immune system strong!

Long airplane flight survival tips

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