Best Antarctica Cruise 2014

Best Antarctica Cruise 2014: Take a 14 day journey to Antarctica with the National Geographic Expeditions and quite possibly have the time of your life!

Best Antarctica cruise


Have you ever wondered what the South Pole is like? Check out this 2 week tour of the Antarctic by NatGeo. This once in a lifetime trip, has pre-scheduled Itinerary that allows you to ‘explore┬áthe world’s last great wilderness in the company of a team of top naturalists’.


During this cruise you can kayak, meet penguins, explore icebergs and learn more about Antarctica’s delicate ecosystem. The excursion begins in Buenos Aries and on your way south, you will cross The Drake Passage, arriving on the Antarctic Peninsula by Day 5.



Expert Tour guides, historians, naturalists, and even a National Geographic photographer will accompany you on this epic journey!


Here are some cabin prices listed on National Geographic, the prices may have changed since this was published.

Antarctica Tour cruise prices 2014

To book a reservation or find out how much the entire trip will cost, see their official reservations online HERE.

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