Top Travel Blogs Online

Top Travel Blogs Online:

Best Travel blogs online to read before a trip

Learn from some of the best world travelers by reading their blogs online. Here are just a few of our favorite travel websites full of great information and advice about world adventures. Be sure to read from these travel experts before you book or plan your next vacation. Getting around the planet is not easy, and if you are traveling somewhere you have never been to before, it is important to prepare for your trip by studying the social norms, culture, food, language, geography, weather, etc of the land. is a great online resource for women who are traveling abroad. If you appreciate beauty tips and packing lists for you next major holiday trip, be sure to check out her travel blog. She covers all the female must haves for travel, how to pack, what to wear, how to look gorgeous when you are on vacation! is another essential travel gem full of great content and articles to teach you how to get the most out of your travels. Check out their travel guides, winter destination packages, packing tips, airport maneuvering and more! is an online travel site that features some of the best travel blogs out there to get you started on your world explorations. It is an aggregate site with several links to personal travel blogs and direct links to vacation rentals.

ExpertVagabond is one of our favorite, entertaining travel website that includes real stories of adventure from a guy who is a travel addict. The places he has been and the events that he has encountered are amazing. It is a must read if you are very interested in exotic locations and hearing about local traditions in different countries. is well known for their outdoor adventure retail goods and stores nationwide. But REI also has a great online trip list each year. REI creates hiking, biking, backpacking, adventure packages for you to book right from their site. Each REI Tour varies in type of activity , length of days and level of activity. is a one of the best travel blogs because it highlights the best of the best in adventurous travels. They have something for everyone. LonelyPlanet’s Best In Travel in 2014 Book is available and it highlights all the places that their readers, tweeters, staff, and other world trekkers have voted for. This annual book is a travelers guide to fun, frugal, and fantasy travel trips and tips!


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